codecrypt import instructions

Importing old keys into a fresh “empty” codecrypt is a PITA.

It insists on overwriting the first key when trying to import the second. Do you know how to get it working?


Import public key of contact:
ccr -ai < johnsmith@example.com

Import own private key:
ccr -aI < adrelanos@riseup.net

cc/ @Patrick

Before reproducing take a snapshot. Empty your keyring with ‘ccr -X adrelanos’ (confirm with y) then contact key with ‘ccr -x johnsmith’. Verify keychain empty if no output shows for ‘ccr -k’ and ‘ccr -K’. Then attempt to import using commands above.

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Happened because of missing parameters that exported the entire keyring and then this key file would overwrite a contact’s keyring because it included their own. I have since fixed up the documentation.

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