CLI Version and VT-X

Hello all,

I’m very newbie here and on Whonix. For days I would try to install Whonix 15.x version in VBox/Vmware. However my old machine has 64-bit CPU but luck of VT-X ability. Then Whonix would not start as desired.

So wonder that, CLI verison of Whonix also asks VT-X or not? Can I use Whonix CLI with other distrubitions by their GUI when routing through Whonix?


Virtualization needs hardware support. The GUI or lack of it is irrelevant.

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Downloadable Whonix images are 64bit. These won’t boot without VT-x. Out of luck. Unless perhaps build from source code. See:

Thanks I have no talent on building :frowning:

32bit version is still needed so sad no 32bit version of Whonix (any downloadable 32bit previous version link available?)

Not available.

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Fedora and Ubuntu (and Debian at some point I guess) are killing off their 32 builds so even upstream is moving on.