Cant use multiple virtual machines at the same time.

For some reason, I can’t use several whonix workstation virtual machines simultaneously with whonix-gateway in accordance with 1:1, so that each workstation has its own gateway (If all workstations are connected to one whonix internal virtual network interface, then they work simultaneously, but I need so that for each whonix-workstation I could create my own settings, put my own output node, etc.)

When I create several whonix-internal networks in kvm/qemu (Virtual machines run on it too) and connect each whonix-workstation and gateway to my network and turn on everything at once, then the network works (apt update, browser, etc.) only one whonix-gateway and, accordingly, whonix-workstation, other networks do not receive. Most likely there is some kind of restriction on virtual networks, specially designed so that the network cannot be compromised.

So, how to remove this limitation? (I am aware of the risks, I still need it) I created several whonix workstations and gateways using Multiple_Whonix-Gateway guide, but nothing worked out for me due to the above limitation. I really need help, please help.

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