can't start whonix workstation due to sdwdate failure


I am hoping someone can help here. The other day I updated/upgraded my Gateway and when I attempted to start the Workstation it just glitched out and would not start. It was trying to start over and over but I could see the error:

“Failed to start Secure Distributed Web Date”

I booted into recovery mode and tried restarting sdwdate service to no avail. It continued referencing a “fatal error that resulted in a code dump”.

sdwdate on the Gateway appears to be functioning fine.

What else can I try?

Thank you,

whonix version , and what is the hypervisor/virtualizer: vbox or kvm?

you are sure Tor is connected and working? (check it with bridges and without)

gw - Whonix-Gateway
ws - Whonix-Workstation

Needs to be debugged. Daemon log required.
Troubleshooting - Whonix

Can’t boot ws, cannot boot anymore at all? Cannot start any terminal emulator in ws anymore? In this case, sdwdate failing would probably be just a symptom. Something else that is broken. sdwdate doesn’t have the power to prevent boot.

Prerequisite knowledge: Virtual Consoles
Try to login in a virtual console in a functional VM (gw or ws). Does that work?
If yes, try login to virtual console in the broken ws. Does that work?

Recovery Mode? That won’t help unless you know any commands to run there to fix something. Users are not supposed to start sdwdate there.

If you cannot get a terminal emulator and no virtual console in the broken ws, then we need to acquire daemon log / whole systemd journal log from recovery mode. I will document how to do that soonish.

Documented just now:
Check Systemd Journal Log of Failed Boot