Can't find download links for virtualbox workstation images

Hey all! I’m totally not able to find any download link for your virtualbox workstation images. Only the gateway images in all flavors. …please can you point me to a download page for a Xfce workstation virtualbox image??

Btw: The download page design is a mess… Sorry to say that, but I searched for over 30 mins and still can’t find it…

Seems the ovs files are importing both machines at once. Did that change from older versions? I remember for v14 I had to download two separate ovas… So I’ll now import 4 machines and will delete 2 of them directly.

But still. Your webpage design is really messy. You can’t find what you are searching for. That goes for the forum too. I really support what you guys are doing and you’re doing great in terms of security but please get someone on your team with understanding of user-machine-interaction or UI design knowledge. :wink:

Changed. See:

What might be happening here: you approached things with the mindset of an existing user who was accustomed to the dual ova download. Mentioning changing “dual ova changed to single ova” on the website would confuse new users.

Just try to interpret the website with the mindset of a new users without re-interpreting it too much wit existing knowledge?

Having said above, does this still apply?

Forums: We could tweak some settings. That would require a better description what is wrong with it. However, options are limited. In short: we are users of popular webapps. We don’t have resources to fix issues in these.
Longer answer: see this this: Privacy Policy Technical Details - Kicksecure
and related discussion: Wiki search fallback suggestion - #6 by Patrick

Some usability issues in Whonix software are obvious but cannot be fixed due to lack of resources and coordination with third parties, see:

Bug Reports, Software Development and Feature Requests

Otherwise nobody ever offered to volunteer helping with user experience (UX). And employing someone reviewing UX and sketching blueprints for improvement would cost around 3 K / USD month, I guess. Not including implementation of suggested changes.

Some Whonix website issues might be fixable if better described.

Sorry for having been a bit “rude”. I was definitely angry about not being able to find what I was searching for and should have calmed down a bit before shouting out my anger here… :sweat_smile:

Yes. If I don’t search for multiple OVAs, you can find what you are searching for…
So keep up the good work on don’t let yourselfs be bothered by some angry guy who had too few hours of sleep. :wink:

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