Can't connect with Qubes-WN-Gateway

I can’t connect to whonix onion V3 sites. For example:

On top of this crap I get kicked of the ISP network. i2p, i2pd, tor other encrypted networks don’t work.

Don’t give me any “new news events” reasons because I’ve been watching things get prepared since July!

Most likely during the current events, see:

Well, then that’s the issue. There is little Whonix can help with. Whonix has many prerequisites. A functional computer, ISP, and it’s based on Tor. If Tor breaks tomorrow, becomes unusable for everyone, there is nothing Whonix can do about it. As an analogy, if the electricity company turns off your electricity, what Whonix can do about it? Nothing. See:

What do you mean?

Do you mean you have this issue since July? In that case now this cannot be resolved due to bigger, blolcking issues of Most Onions Down due to a Denial of Service Attack on the Tor Network.

Well, if it’s Most Onions Down due to a Denial of Service Attack on the Tor Network indeed then what do you expect?

I ment, I was watching the inside job at Solar Winds where the clandestines started to monitor government employees that were not going acording to “the plan”.

i2p has recovered nicely with over 500 k routers. https://ntls.skyn3t.in type i2p and search. You have to go to the second page to get the stats.

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