Can't connect to VPS ever since updating to Whonix 16

On Whonix 15 I used Remmina to connect to my Windows VPS via RDP inside a Standalone WS-15 VM. Now that I’ve upgraded it won’t connect from within WS-16. Any idea why this could be happening? I tested WS-15 / GW-16 and it worked… So The issue must be the WS-16.

If I can’t fix this, could I just continue to run WS-15 / GW-16 or is this unsafe?

Is Remmina RDP through Whonix 100% going through Tor? I need to make sure this is safe.

Do you have an alternate method to be able to connect to a vps? I need a GUI.

Also wondering: Would it be better/more secure if I installed Remmina on the TemplateVM and used Remmina in DisposableVM every time versus StandaloneVM?

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