Cannot use Seccomp

When I type in Whonix Gateway /usr/local/etc/torrc.d/50_user.conf Sandbox 1 I cannot connect to Tor.
It says something like bridges are not compatible with Sandbox Mode
Can someone explain this to me ? I’m doing something wrong or just bridges doesn’t work in Sandbox Mode

And how I can check Whonix version that i’m using ?

It looks like you’re using the Whonix 14 version which is for testers only. If this is the case this bug applies. In short, Whonix uses either Tor 3.2.9 or 3.2.10. However this bug is not fixed until Tor v3.3 final

To find out what version of Whonix you are using

In Whonix-Gateway konsole, run


If using Whonix 13 the result will include “jessie” as in the following output.

INFO: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/torproject.list does not exist.
INFO: version of the ‘tor’ package:

For Whonix 14 the output will include “stretch” instead.


Yes, it’s Whonix 14.
Is there any way to see full version(numbers after 14) so the output will be: