Cannot download updates

I’m getting this error when I try to get updates.

WARNING: Debian Package Update Check Result: Could not check for software updates! (apt-get code: 100)
Please manually check:
(Open a terminal, Start Menu -> Applications -> System -> Terminal.)

When I try to do it manually, i get this…

Err http://www.whonix.org jessie Release.gpg
Cannot initiate the connection to www.whonix.org:80 ( - connect (110: Connection timed out)
Ign whonix jessie Release
Ign whonix jessie/main i386 Packages/DiffIndex
Err whonix jessie/main i386 Packages
Ign whonix. jessie/main Translation-en_US
Ign whonix jessie/main Translation-en
W: Failed to fetch whonixdownload/whonixdevelopermetafiles/internal/dists/jessie/ Cannot initiate the connection to whoni:80 ( - connect (110: Connection timed out)

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is on a snapshot if that matters. it all seemed to start when I created the snapshot, but it could easily be coincidence. I edited some stuff out since I’m limited to 5 links per post.

здесь никто ни чем не помогает. я не получил ни один ответ на свои вопросы.

Does this persist?

This looks wrong. Mistake during copy and paste or did you edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/whonix.list by hand?

Generally, please have a look, it explains to get a new Tor circuit in case of connection issues and other common hiccups during updating:

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Мы говорили уже. Вы здесь не так. Если у вас есть проблемы с Qubes Форума, мы не можем вам помочь. Почему вы спрашиваете Qubes вопросы здесь. Почему нет. Мы не можем помочь вам в этом. Мы не команда Qubes. Спросите их, если вам нужна помощь для Qubes. Говоря, что они не имеют полезную информацию не меняет тот факт, что вы не правы здесь. Их информация полезна. Если вы не получите его, мы не можем вам помочь.

Также не спам в потоках, которые не имеют ничего общего с вашим вопросом


What do you mean? We told you already that you are asking questions which don’t apply to Whonix directly. Just writing that you don’t like the Qubes Forum and don’t understand their information doesn’t change the fact that you are wrong here and certainly doesn’t entitle you to get additional support. Also, please don’t write/spam in threads with other topics if what you write doesn’t fit them.

Have a nice day,


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извините меня. я не знал , что по qubes os вы не помогаете( я думал вы именно по qubes специалисты!

Hi Patrick, thank you for your reply. I edited it for the sake of posting because the forum doesn’t allow new users to post links.

I was able to run the update successfully after about four days and now I’m getting that there are no updates available, but it’s been close to a week without updating. Previous to making the snapshot I was getting updates a couple times a week it seemed like. Has anything been release over the last week? Is there a way to do a version check?

This is what I see from a successfully ran check for updates…

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

INFO: SocksPort Test Result: Connected to Tor. IP:
INFO: TransPort Test Result: Connected to Tor. IP:
INFO: Stream Isolation Test Result: Functional.
INFO: Whonix News Result:
√ Up to date: whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies 3.4-1
INFO: Debian Package Update Check Result: No updates found via apt-get.
INFO: Whonix APT Repository: Enabled. When the Whonix team releases JESSIE updates, they will be AUTOMATICALLY installed (when you run apt-get dist-upgrade) along with updated packages from the Debian team. Please read https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Trust to understand the risk. If you want to change this, use:
Start Menu -> Applications -> System -> Whonix Repository

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