cannot bootstrap to tor on whonix

both gateway and workstation start as virtual machines with vmm/kvm.

I corrected the time in both virtualizations, but I still cannot bootstrap.

ubuntu 16.10 64 bits and whonix 1.3, stable for kvm/linux

what could be the reason? Internet works fine in the host.

No No NO! You shouldn’t touch the clock or the timezone. Its set to UTC intentionally. Anything else will harm your anonymity.

Ubuntu is bad for privacy and software freedom. Please use a Debian custom VM if you must but usually there is no reason to use this over a Whonix Workstation VM that includes many privacy and security enhancements that vanilla distros lack.

As for your connection problems that is a general support topic that’s not impacted by the hypervisor you run. Moving.


can anyone help me?

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@HulaHoop already gave you a very detailed Reply. Please consider it before posting anything new.

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