Can’t access hidden services from my VM Windows Workstation

I setup everything correctly but i can’t access any onion website with Firefox or Edge. But it works with the Whonix workstation. The “check.torproject(dot)org” is also showing that everything is fine.
Here are my Windows Workstation settings:
IP address:
Preferred DNS Server:
+Firefox setting: network.dns.blockDotOnion = false

We can not access onion websites on regular firefox. “check.torproject(dot)org” is not onion but regular site. So it will work

To access onion sites, use tor browser…

I did again found it out how i did it again one year ago.
This has to be really be put into the Documentations.
Go To: Control Panel → Internet Options → Connections → LAN settings → Advanced.
And now in “Socks” enter “” and in “Port” enter “9150” and empty out everything else and then click three times on “OK”, done. :wink:

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