Can I report a bug here?

whonix-installer-xfce: [ERROR]: Current script: ./whonix-installer-xfce
whonix-installer-xfce: [ERROR]: Function executed: install_pkg
whonix-installer-xfce: [ERROR]: Command executed: return 1
whonix-installer-xfce: [BUG]: At line: 709. Please report this bug.
705 return 0
706 fi
707 log notice “Updating package list.”
708 # shellcheck disable=SC2086

  • 709 log_run “root_cmd ${pkg_mngr_update}”
    710 log notice “Installing package(s):${pkg_not_installed}.”
    711 # shellcheck disable=SC2086
    712 log_run “root_cmd ${pkg_mngr_install} ${pkg_not_installed}”
    713 fi
    whonix-installer-xfce: [ERROR]: Exit code: 1.

Is this a transient or persistent issue?
Transient meaning, if you re-run the installer, does the issue happen again and again?

Network issue? Suppose you’re using (a) Debian (based) host operating system, can you run command

sudo apt update ; echo $?

(or whatever command your host operating system uses equivalent just the usual thing)

without issues?

At the end shows


which means exit code is 0, meaning no issues during running the apt update command.