Building v14 on dedicated hardware

I am trying to build v14. on dedicated hardware. What are necessary changes to the Build Configuration? Is there a guide?


Yes following that guide, but receiving error when trying to build:

(machine isolated, so could not copy error)

ERROR in ././build-steps.d/1100_prepare-build-machine detected!
(whonix_build_error_counter: 1)
(benchmark: 00:05:18)
trap_signal_type-previous: unset
trap_signal_type_last : ERR
1: : /sbin/init
2: : tmux
3: : -bash
4: : sudo ./whonix_build --flavor whonix-gateway --target root --build

main (line number: 418)
main (line number: 413)
build_machine_setup (line number: 264)
errorhandlergeneral (line number: 334)
errorhandlerprocessshared (line number: 169)
last_failed_bash_command: $apt_get_update_wrapper_source_path_f…
last_failed_exit_code: 127
ERROR in ././build-steps.d/1100_prepare-build-machine detected!

The build command with v14 does not work as expected, tested v13 and all works fine.
sudo ./whonix_build --flavor whonix-gateway [–] --target root --build >> ~/log-phyiso 2>&1
the empty parameter [–] will result in error with v14:
Error --target must be either virtualbox, qcow2, raw or root and can be used multiple times.

NOTE: this thread should go to physical-isolation category

You should take a closer look at the first error. Looks like apt-get failed for some reason. Did you try other targets like qcow2?
How did you test v14 vs v13? Different git tag?

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As for apt-get failure, do I need both eth0 and eth1 for whonix_build to complete? I think the error originates from the vm having only 1 eth0, also i added grub lines to get the old eth0 naming, that ok?

--target root

I don’t think so.

./whonix_build --flavor whonix-gateway -- --target this syntax is deprecated in Whonix 14 btw.


sudo ./whonix_build --flavor whonix-gateway --target root --build

Longer log excerpt required. Specifically the part where apt-get failed.

Which tag did you use?

Make sure you did Build Documentation: Physical Isolation right.

And yes. Don’t bother with Whonix 13 since 14 release is very very close.

Something very silly :shushing_face:
Eth1 was configured dhcp and overriding dns entry in resolv.conf.
When build started, it could not resolve names…

Patrick: is the latest I should use to build on the router? or should I use the testers-only one?
How should I configure router to update/upgrade safely when new updates are available?

At the end of the build I still receive an error: ERROR in ././build-steps.d/2350_zerofree-raw detected!

See end of build process here:

However when press ‘c’ for continue, ignoring the error, completed the build and a reboot got me into whonix gateway - but you not like to see an error during build of course, so still requesting you guys to help me where this error originates and how to fix it.

Thanks a lot (i have my donation ready lol)

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At the end of the build I still receive an error: ERROR in
././build-steps.d/2350_zerofree-raw detected!

That one can be safely ignored. 2350_zerofree-raw should not run and I
will update the code to skip it now. Done:

Fixed tag:

Please try. (But if you ignored that error and build already done, that is ok.)

For some reason I have back the $apt_get_update_wrapper error:

You don’t have python installed? Didn’t know that’s even possible.

Try run: python -h
to see if it is installed.

If missing, to install:

sudo apt-get install python-minimal

I did not know either, for some reason on the vm python was not installed. After installing, build process runs normal and completed without errors.
Now my only last question remaining is:
How should I configure router to update/upgrade whonix safely and automatic when new updates are available?

We don’t have specifically for Whonix. Why? See:

Since Whonix is based on Debian, you can use the auto upgrade mechanisms available by Debian as per Free Support for Whonix ™. This is as long as there is no Whonix release upgrade (14 → 15).

Ok that makes sense.

Is this something I could use safely with whonix, as I used it before with debian: UnattendedUpgrades - Debian Wiki
Would that work or give security or other issues?

Thanks Patrick for all the help with me setting up this router…!

Dev/Automatic Updates - Kicksecure