Building on Buster fails

When building the latest version of whonix on buster the builder script 1120_prepare-build-machine tries to install the “virtualbox-source” and “virtualbox-qt” packages. Since they are not available on buster it fails.

Need to be installed from Debian sid.

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I was able to successfully build using this method but it’s a dirty hack and it’s not recommended by debian creators. Are virtualbox-source, virtualbox-qt and virtualbox-dkms packages really needed or a simple virtualbox package from the virtualbox official repo is enough?

There are no VirtualBox packages in Debian buster whatsoever. None.

[1] VirtualBox from VirtualBox repository might work too but I trust Debian sid over VirtualBox repository.

Third party repositories are discouraged as per:

Agreed however no better option than Whonix VirtualBox deprecation.

Whonix ™ Virtualization Platforms

They have valid point too, however see [1].

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