Build log command


What about making the latter part a bit shorter?

What about using ~ instead of /home/user? That way it works independent from user name.

Finally, we could use the following.

As Cerberus pointed out, one could follow the log in another terminal.

This should at least be noted out in the long build instructions. I like people watching the logs, they might spot something interesting.

What might be better than everything above is the following.

It logs everything to ~/log-workstation, but still shows the log as it’s created. And doesn’t need additional tail command. I guess that’s what I suggest in the full build documentation. What do you think?

For physical isolation users we perhaps should recommend to always use a build log command to keep frustration low when it fails?

Works great.

This makes for an unreadable log for me. A mess of H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^ and G^G^G^G^G^G^G^G^.

We should recommend using build log commands for all builds.

Ok, let’s do it.