There are 2 browsers that I’ve never been hacked through when sand boxed and are not included in Whonix WS. One is text such as Links and the other is GNU Icecat (from GNU not Fedora). Tor Browser is by far the worst culprit by a factor of 6x. Why hanged up on it?

Why aren’t the default search engines from Searxes list?

DuckDuck go is hosted on Amazon cloud in DC. This is insanity?

Comment only if you used the product not some links.

See the rationale for using Tor Browser:

How do you proof a negative?

How would you detect malware?

Antivirus? Not really. See:

Decision by upstream, The Tor Project.
See this page to learn about the relationships in Open Source Linux distributions:

Also you’re suggesting privacy by policy. Not privacy by technology. Trusting what services say where they’re hosted and what their policies are rather than taking technology steps making that irrelevant on client side.


Links and icecat don’t have the same fingerprinting protections and security features as the Tor Browser.

Read the spec https://2019.www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser/design/

The amount of times you’ve been compromised is not a good indicator at all.

Because DDG is the default in TB and Whonix doesn’t modify TB.

Which doesn’t matter as DDG shouldn’t be storing any personal data on you and even if they are, they can’t get anything important due to TB’s fingerprinting protections.


Indeed. Since that is a measurement of security. Not a measurement of privacy/anonymity.


It’s not really a good measurement of security either. If I go on tons of sketchy websites with TB but only go on google with icecat, then me being compromised while using TB doesn’t mean icecat is more secure as I’ve only went on “safe” websites with icecat.

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