Browser leaks user's OS with build version info

A User-Agent Randomisation extensions does not change the Vendor build data, that is shows user distributive/OS type.

In chrom(ium) you can see the vendor parameter at:

And see the OS detection here:

So, while trying to change an identity, you may leak your real data, and possibly attract unnecessary attention to yourself.

Anyone what to do with this data? How-to change / delete it?

You are not supposed to mess with Tor Browser anonymizer features using random addons. This is what’ll make your browser standout.


I already heard this mantra. In this case, using Tor browser makes me outstanding, by itself.
The topic is about chrome, may be firefox browser. Please, be precise.

By the way, Tor browser, currently does not hide the type of operating system (Linux or Windows, see about:support and about:buildconfig). So, it is different within itself, which is plenty strange.

The goal is not to disguise, but to change the identifier.

You have to take into consideration that using browsers other than Tor Brower makes you Pseudonymous rather than anonymous. So you’re already at at disadvantage.


This might be a good question for tor-talk mailing list? But maybe not since you’re not using Tor Browser.

Topic related?


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I would like to look like an Internet user, not a Tor user. So, this is not about Pseudonymous (while my profile is significantly different from a real one).

According to the Tor developers, this is a temporary bug. However, that is not corrected for a long time, until now. I read their blog and saw the entry on the bug tracker.

Yes, this topic is related. It was solved because I can run an AppVM with a stock distributive kernel.
The current topic is actual because I found how the website (like Google) can determines my OS in practice.
I wrote the note to my browser extension developer about that, and post here for public.

The fact that your traffic is coming from a Tor exit makes this moot. Also we really don’t support non-Tor Browser usecases because they are not good for anonymity. You might want to discuss this with chromium devs.

You’re right. Tor browser is better suited for anonymity. It does not leak my distributive, and etc.
I am doing my best to keep information about myself in the inaccessibility from unknown people.

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