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Is there apparmor profile for obfs4proxy?

Can we add ClientTransportPlugin lines by default? So users don’t have to

There is no need for obfsproxy anymore as obfs4proxy supports previous versions and Tor Browser uses only obfs4proxy

ClientTransportPlugin obfs2,obfs3,obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy
ClientTransportPlugin fte exec /usr/bin/fteproxy --managed

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That’s up to Tor Project / pluggable transport package maintainer. More info:

(Which has to wait until https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/1922 is implemented.)

I don’t think so.

Package obfsproxy owns /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.obfsproxy. Related:

Package obfs4proxy owns no file in /etc/apparmor.d/.

  • apt-file list obfsproxy
  • apt-file list obfs4proxy

Add obfs4proxy to the default tor apparmor profile

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