Bolt on for whonix_firewall - best place to put files?

Not sure I am following. Wiki page showing use of what? Anyhow. I guess you can have any new wiki page if it helps. Tell me the link and I’ll create it.

Herein / this (forum) thread, has been a discussion. You note, “It’s a separate discussion”, and “Dev/Firewall Refactoring really is enough”. (And I don’t disagree.)

Thus my “I still don’t fathom a wiki page (sans talk pages) serving such a purpose.” If you have a wiki page link where such a discussion takes place, I expect it will help me understand how you mean the wiki page is enough.

Just create a new forum thread for that. And link that from here.

port to netfilter-persistent?:

Time to move this/these to new thread(s)?

e.g. I can’t tell from phabricator if phabricator link is a discussion or a go. And it’s unclear whether this would negate the need for an iptables-dump diff’er.

Was just hinting that a related ticket/discussion has been created.

A discussion because the title ends with a question mark. But even if there wasn’t a question mark, if someone has a better idea…

Not at all, because it’s an orthogonal issue.

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