Hello, tell me how to set the bitmask ( on whonix gateway.
If anyone has an invite to, please share. My email -
Or tell us how to set up VPN Debian Gateway to Virtualbox for the Whonix-Gateway. I tried could not adjust. (need the correct settings iptables or route table)

I second that :wink:
I tried and failed at the same tasks.
Another ineresting idea would be to daisy-chain 2 whonix-gateways, one regular one (with tor) and one as vpn-gateway (vpnbox).
Like this: whonix-gateway->whonix-gateway(tor)->whonix-gateway(vpn) - but I also failed at getting this to work.

document bitmask:

user -> Tor -> bitmask -> Internet - not possible at time of writing, documented that and added a reference here:
Connecting to Tor before a VPN

User -> VPN -> Tor -> Internet inside Whonix-Gateway - discouraged due to conflicts with Whonix firewall:
Connecting to a VPN before Tor

User -> VPN -> Tor -> Internet with Separate VPN-Gateway: