binding outside website to inside section

we are happy to announce that we have opened a new forum which discuss only the free&open source software,the website in Arabic language called:- https://aosus.org/

i dont own that website , im just moderator there.

what i want to do is , binding two sections in which one from there binding to the Arabic support over here.

both of them running discourse & on the clearnet = so possibility of this to happen is good enough.

what we r missing is = the lack of knowledge on where to start or how to start making this idea to work.

but also any alternative ideas of how to make an arabic community issues existed in our arabic support section from another website is very appreciated.

someone would say why doing this idea at the first place ?

imagine urself entering a website with Japanese language and there is only one word called “English Support” or entering a website with English language and doesnt has any foreign language (if we assume that ur mother language is English) = which one do u prefer ?

by binding term i mean = whenever a user asked any question over there it will appear also over here. and vice-versa (if possible)

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