Best way to send a message to the Gateway?


Sometimes TOR exits are blocked and my automatic scripts on my workstation stop working for 10 minutes until a new circuit is established. I’m trying to send a message to the Gateway to get a new identity earlier. The Workstation right now unfortunately has to be on Windows 7. Both are running in VirtualBox.


Take a look at Tor’s manual and read up on how to format a NEWNYM command. This question is better suited for Tor IRC or mail list.


The Whonix specific part of the question:

Connect to Whonix-Gateway IP.

Connect to Tor ControlPort (Filter Proxy, onion-grater).



On Linux one could use netcat.

nc 9051

Then one could write command:


And Tor would reply:

250 OK

The generic part of the question:

To do that for Windows you need to find something similar to netcat (or telnet) for Windows. I don’t know. Figuring that out can be done as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle.

For reference:


Thanks for the pointers. I got the tor-ctrl connection working now and can send newnym. Even though I’m not using it, I’ve had to set CookieAuthentication 1 in my torrc in order to be able to connect correctly via TCP-Socket. Onion-Grater was showing logs about some cookies auth file missing, which pointed me in the right direction.


Shouldn’t be needed. Works for me out of the box. Linux vs Windows
shouldn’t influence authentication cookie need. No config changes
required for me. Something seems wrong. Could be an indicator of a
bigger issue.

Are you using Whonix 14?

Please post debug output / onion-grater log.