Beginner question - No bootable device

Hello, I am very new to this, so apologies if I am making any obvious mistakes here.

I’m trying to make whonix work via kvm. So far I have tried following the guide as closely as possible and simply trying to open the qcow2 images in Gnome Boxes to see what happens and in both cases I see the same kind of black screen with:

SeaBI0S (version rel-1....)
Machine UUID .....

iPXE (ipxe.org) 00:93.0 CAOO....

Booting from Hard Disk. .
Boot failed: not a bootable disk

No bootable device.

What could be the cause of this?

I grabbed a random qcow2 image from another distro now and it seems to boot up just fine in both gnome boxes and with virt-manager, so it seems like my basic setup is workable.

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