Autologin bug Whonix 13


Every time I start GUI for WG or WW I have passwordless enter to the Desktop. But then, after I try to launch something (terminal, TB, Dolphin) I’m disconnecting to login screen and being asked for password. After that Desktop Environment is loading again.

I tried to fix that. I changed in settings -> login screen -> convenience -> enable password-less login, and in general nothing changed. I’ve got ask for password, but the window is different from default KDE login screen.

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How much RAM/VRam did you assign to the VMs? Which Hypervisor are you using?

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I’m using KVM
For WG current:512, maximum:512
For WW current:1024, maximum:1024

I couldn’t be sure that the problem with WG is always there. For example, today I restarted TOR in WG, but no login screen appeared.
On WW the login screen appears every time i use whonix

What does RAM Adjusted Desktop Starter say during boot?


I am not sure yet I got the issue description. See the following that I rewrote a bit to clearly define terms.

Every time I start WG or WW I have passwordless enter to the graphical Desktop Environment. But then, after I try to launch something (terminal, TB, Dolphin) I’m disconnecting to text mode virtual console and being asked for password. After that graphical Desktop Environment is loading again.

Was this your original report?

Are you sure this happens after you launch something? I mean, are you sure that is the trigger? Or would that also happen if you just wait instead of doing launching something? Please try.

There is text mode and there is graphical mode. There is a text mode login screen and a graphical mode login screen. Which one was it?

RAM Adjusted Desktop Starter says [OK] Starting KDM login manager in 10 secs. So everything is OK.

This bug is a little bit weird. I launched WW and I’ve got it. But then I reboot, to see what RAM Adjusted Desktop Starter says, and after that there were no bug.

Once again about issue with corrections.

  1. I launch WW in Graphical mode; RAM Adjusted Desktop Starter is OK;
  2. Then I see KDE loading screen (four pictures: HDD, System settings, Browser, Desktop and KDE), but it stops on System Settings, and I can see my real Destop with konsole, Whonixcheck, KGPG etc.
  3. It will be ok until I try do something. I’ve got failure on launching something, but even on click. So, I click on empty space on desktop and KDE login screen appears (login: user; pass: ). I enter a password and once again I’ve got KDE loading screen. But now, It loads normally and finally I get access to my desktop where I can normally click and launch apps.

For WG I can’t see this bug anymore, everything work just fine, but maybe latter it will appear again.

Everything is understandable now? :slight_smile:

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