Austria gets new surveillance laws, hurray, hurray...

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So today I was watching the Austrian parliament and its natural habitants, the Politian’s. Some of them where playing solitaire on their state founded iPad Air 2. Some of them were sleeping. And one rather odd fellow was drinking some whisky. Mostly though, I didn’t see a lot actually, because less than half of the Politian’s weren’t there. Why? Well, today Austria has gotten a massive surveillance law. A new secrete service does now have the rights to tap communications in whatever way they see fit. Without the need of a decision made by a court of law. Without any widespread control inflicted by the parliament (though, seeing what they decided today, I’m assuming they wouldn’t really control properly). Or to put it in other words: If I, kind eyed, nice, young student, who would never think of harming anyone, especially no one who was involved in the creation of this law, do “something” which may be interpreted as a threat to the Austrian constitution, I’ll get my own, personal agent, to whom I can talk any time of day, simply by typing something in my browser. Of course, this wouldn’t work if I used something like, let’s say Tor, but I would never do that. And people who’d like to act against our constitution; they’d never use anything to anonymise themselves either. Terrorist, murderers and the likes will definitely do everything they can to make it as easy as possible for the Austrian officials. Right? RIGHT?

Now, the real kicker is that this law does not only legitimize surveilling anyone for the smallest bit of evidence. No, it now has become legal, to collect data beforehand. As in before you have committed any crimes for which there could be evidence. But it gets even better. Let’s say, my pizza delivery boy is a Nazi. Bad guy gets monitored. Once he has delivered the pizza to me, I’m on the list to. DO YOU SEE WHY THIS MIGHT BE A PROBLEM?

Oh and abuse might also be a problem. In Germany, for example, there was already a case of a high ranking officer, who used a surveillance software by the German government, linked to the “PATRAS servers”, which exist to control such software, to SPY ON HIS DAUGHTER!!! Well, a friend of hers found the Trojan, installed one on the PC of her dad, to avenge her and what happens? BOOM, “PATRAS server” compromised, system broken. All because one guy didn’t want his 16+ years old daughter to live a normal life.

Such a thing won’t happen in Austria, ever! Right? RIGHT?

Aside from that, the opposition actually fought hard to stop this law from passing. In the end, all that did was make a few adjustments, which brought down some estimation. Instead of a few MILLION monitored, we went down to ONLY 200,000. In Austria, there are 8.5mio people by the way, just so you get a frame of reference. They celebrate this as a SUCCESS. Instead of asking, whether 2% of all living in Austria are terrorists, which I’m going to hope is not the case. Aside from that, seeing how this will be a “secrete operation”, I’m going to bet we’ll have more than 200,000 monitored in less than a week of operation.

So, why was there so little protest against this? The petitions, which I heavily supported, only got 100k signatures, which isn’t much compared with other less important topics. Well, the guys how wanted to pass this simply chose a time, where a huge junk of the populous is distracted, by the current skiing world championship, which proved to be very successful.

Well, it is never too late to start taking drugs to forget that you live in a country where such people are the leaders. (Just for the newly formed secrete service, that was a joke, you don’t have to put me on the list yet)

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do u support Al-Baghdadi ?

now you are on the list. (sucha :innocent: i am. :yum:)

this is madness , but it is expected from the perfect bar sorry i mean parliament that u r describing.

from the government point view = everyone is a target.

im afraid, a day will become true where we r not allowed to install any software except from the governments packages & close source (or open source without the ability to read the source code). and if u dont do that = u r against the law.

dark ages of the 21 century.

Good day,

To be honest, I think I’d get on that list sooner or later anyhow.

Well, that was actually somewhat planned as an extension of the “crypto wars”.

Have a nice day,


The mass surveillance was happening already. This legislation is designed to create a chilling effect and deter dissent.

The complicity or helplessness of democracy in preventing this law is debatable. Even if everyone was really deceived by state propaganda and supported this law, it should be countered by technology from people who can see through this.

many countries made the new surveillence law, possibily american banks corrupted european politicians, to create totalitarian capitalism. one day if you peacefully protest againt their politics, they will call you a terrorist and they will sabotage your life as they did with martin luther king, and they will kill you in the end.