Audio Devices

I get this same error every time that i open both gateway and workstation:

No audio devices could be opened. Selecting the NULL audio backend with the consequence that no sound is audible.

Details: Host audio not reponding…

But I have audio on my host thats working just fine…also I went into the settings and set the default audio for my host as the default for the machines…yet I still get this error…?

Whats the problem here?

You can try the other available audio settings. See if any of these works.

Otherwise… It’s a rare issue. Difficult to fix from my perspective. As per Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System I would recommend wiping Whonix-anything from your question to reduce complexity, installing Debian in a VM, try if you can get sound to work in a Debian VM. Try to find help and/or report a bug then at the related project(s).