At which extent can "Tor" really still be considered safe and secure?

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After I read the following article “[b][/b]” I am pretty unsure at which extent we could/should consider the “Tor” network being still safe and secure.

I would appreciate any comment of you about that.


actually just reading the tor guides use and warnings i think its enough to make u quite using tor. but i think this is non-sense thinking in that way, because:-

1- is there any alternatives better than tor ? if there is , then i dont think patrick will deny adding this service to whonix.

but since there isnt atm , then keep using tor is the best what advised here

2- not every attack work here then it must necessarily work there, security varies r always there.

3- tor is an old tool and till now is getting updates and their community is not piece of cake, they have intelligent team from all around the world which may give u some confidentiality about security rigidness atm or in progress.

4- reading programs vulnerabilities in general among the time , if u dont take these vulnerabilities reports as a way of “how to fix or avoid them”. then stopping the internet is the best advise here , because vulnerabilities wont stop.

I appreciate your comments and the time you spent.

Thank you indeed.

My opinion here is that tor stops your ISP from monitoring you provided that your ISP belongs to the countries not friendly to the USA. But tor team itself may perfectly know what you are doing. If you use an anonymous proxy from a country which is hostile against the USA and its sattelites then tor team can’t figure out your identity, provided you don’t have hardware tracking and networking resposible authoriries of your country won’t help the USA to disclose your idenity. But in this case you even don’t need tor at all… I personally don’t trust to the vpn, opensll, opengpg and all other popular staff for amateur users. Whonix is a hobby thing by an amateur based on the pseudo-anonymous tor, IMHO. But the true thing is that in every country there are spies of the USA. That’s why there are no chances that your anonymous proxy will keep you confidential…

To that end there are many developers, journalists, hackers,[B][URL=]mobile number tracker with city[/URL][/B] ,cryptographers, activists, government agents and more constantly evaluating Tor’s effectiveness from both theoretical and practical standpoints. This is currently the best tool for achieving the above objectives that you will find.

Datapoints to consider:

In the Snowden leaks there was a NSA document that outlined that they had trouble with Tor in general (see Tor Stinks document)
As far as we know, the operator of Silkroad was not captured due to his use of Tor but to various other mistakes and Silkroad server vulnerabilities.
So, the best thing to do is to understand the known weaknesses inherent to Tor and decide for yourself whether it is of use to you.

My 2 noob cents:

  • like the others said, tor is the most secure option we have, so there is no alternative anyway.

  • don’t believe blog- or newspaper-articles stating that tor is broken or tor users can be easily deanonymized. All those articles are just BS - at least the ones I read. They all refer to either research papers which are just theoretical exploits or “lab-tests” and the authors didn’t even read or understand those and just repeat what they read on another blog.

  • the nsa said for a reason “tor stinks”!

  • it’s a cat and mouse game and the tor developers a continously improving tor and fixing possible exploits when they are still a theoretical possibilty

  • there is not one known case of someone got caught for something because of a tor failure

  • if you dont screw up your security/anonymity by yourself, then tor keeps you save

  • never believe what the authorities or police indicates about their abilities (i.e. that no one can hide in the darknet anymore or truecrypt is crackable) they just do that to scare us away from tor and encryption because it is suppose to not work anyway… so why bother with it. but that’s not true. that’s why they always make just vague statements about how they caught someone.

  • with just using tor, pgp, https, btc and common sense, every “average joe” turns into a really hard to crack entity for even something like the nsa - so the average joe with what? a yearly income of 20.000-40.000? is able to give something like the nsa, with a budget of several 100 millions a year, a hard time… I’d consider the average joe the winner (and that’s just if they identified him/her already as a target - if they weren’t ablet to do that, well then it looks bad for the nsa)

  • of course this always depends on who you are, where you are, what you do and what you want to accomplish or prevent

To the degree you trust tor team and american government which stands behind tor. Perhaps the better way will be some vpn chain in different countries opposed to each. Not to mention the hardware tracking issues…