Are Connections between Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation Encrypted?

Is Internet traffic and all other operations between Gateway and Workstation encrypted?

Strictly speaking, communication lanes between workstation and gateway is not encrypted. By this I mean the traffic flowing along the internal network from the workstation on its way to the gateway. However, since the gateway torifies the entire platform, once the traffic leaves the gateway, it travels through Tor and is encrypted.

But if you would like to encrypt communication of the internal network called “Whonix,” you of course can use an openvpn server (I mean set your own server up on the gateway and the client on workstation; I wasn’t talking about a commercial vpn provider) or you can use SSH too as a couple examples.

The connection between Workstation and Gateway is not encrypted.
But if we install the Extension Pack, then our data can be compromised?

Separate question, please use sperate forum thread.

Please also search if this was discussed before.

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