Are all applications in Custom Workstation are torrified ?


I have a whonix-gateway and a custom-workstation (parrotsec) in Virtual Box.
I followed the tutorial to use the gateway with the workstation and my traffic seems to be torrified. (eg : “myip on duckduckgo” returns a tor exit node ip, “curl” too, etc…)
So does ALL of my traffic goes trough tor ? What about other applications ? Like FTP (filezilla), ssh, apt-get, etc… ?
Is there a chance that one application/service is not torrified, or is it impossible “by design”, as it is my understanding ?

Thank you for your time.

This i.e. no leaks by design. Infection by tailored malware can still be an anonymity disaster though.

Hi willian2

I’m not sure there is a thing such as “impossible” by design when it comes to security/anonymity. Whonix forces all traffic over Tor or blocks it. If your talking about no malware involved, the answer would be it is not very likely that an application would leak over clearnet but it is possible.

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