'aptitude update' - fails (most of the time?) [on whonix-gateway only, it turns out]

I am keeping my comments only to uwt.

Thanks for bearing with me. Feel free to ask anything unclear.

For example in case of https://github.com/Whonix/uwt/blob/master/usr/bin/apt-get.anondist
${1+"$@"} contains all arguments, which apt-get was called with. I.e. When running apt-get update --some-option, then ${1+"$@"} contains update --some-option. [Same goes for all other wrappers.]

A wrapper script, as per:
(written by Greg, who is prominent in the bash community)

(Perhaps it would be save to reduce that to "$@".)

If you want to contribute a wrapper instead of just a feature request for a new wrapper, the answer is, part 1), emulate the following commit:

And part 2), emulate the following commit:

Andd part 3), emulate the following commit:

You’re still not getting me.

I get that / can figure such out.

But when bouncing along and exploring, one comes across a uwtwrapper call within an anondist script, so one naturally does … uwtwrapper --help to find out what the command is / does. Hopefully it gives a concise description then parameter list.

One then runs the anondist verbose to see how the script is being called … to go - OH, so that’s how they’re doing that. Cool.

And gets on with their day.

But can’t if --help doesn’t do the USUAL.

Full stop.

If you want to contribute a wrapper

My point is, I wouldn’t have to exit my workflow and read any of it if --help responded with the usual then and there. As you point out, it’s all scripting, and easily followed (if --help and man conventions are followed). One of the real pluses attributed to Linux is configuration files being text and so much scripting one can figure out most things on the fly then and there.

Similarly … hmmm, this would be useful, ssh does it this way, let’s command line run see if we can make this work. (And you’re going to want --help to return concise useful stuff then and there.) Hey it works, let’s encapsulate it in a script. Hmm, it really is useful, maybe I should go check in on to how to contribute it back up the chain.

All I have pointed out is that you can save a lot of time and energy, let alone the time spent on this thread, with a typical --help. If I did it, so will others.

Even if all --help returns is: ‘uwtwrapper encapsulates uwt calls. See uwt for more info.’, the job is done.

Now … would you like to go around again for ‘uwt --help’? :smile:

uwt -h does exactly what I was expecting of uwtwrapper --help.

Except … there it is -h doing what by convention --help does. (Hint.)

Before I reply to your last post…

apt-get --help is currently broken. Shows the same as /usr/lib/uwtwrapper --help.


Now to your last reply.

What’s wrong with the current /usr/lib/uwtwrapper --help as of git master?

/usr/lib/uwtwrapper help.

/usr/lib/uwtwrapper is not supposed to be used manually by users.
Manual usage is difficult. Use uwt instead. See:
man uwt

To shorten this… Can you send your suggestion by creating github pull requests?

[quote=“Patrick, post:23, topic:1724, full:true”]apt-get --help is currently broken. Shows the same as /usr/lib/uwtwrapper --help.

First reaction:

File a bug report? :smile:

Second reaction:

Works for me on both G and W. So (huh)?

Third reaction:

Are you really saying that because of the redirection, all anondist’s are (thus similarly) broken? Ouch!

Fourth reaction:

It occurs to me it might make sense if ‘uwtwrapper --help’ ‘redirected’ to ‘uwt --help’. But if you take that further, is that a generic solution for all anondist beasties?

Or anondist beasties have a script line of [too tired to grind out the bash, so bear with me]:

if “$1”=="–help" and $rootbin exists then $rootbin --help ; return

Not sure I am supposed to answer the non-last reactions?

I was talking about git master. Not your local system.

Perhaps I should split the development discussion of this thread avoid confusing users reading this…

That I would find confusing.

May I suggest … given that the aptitude update failure has been resolved, and the extreme divergence of topics within it … delete the entire thread. It won’t bother me.

If one of the issues comes up again, it can be reposted. Likely in a more topic boundary adhering manner, even.

[Mea culpa, any topic boundary exceeding within this one I expect is my fault.]

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