Apt 2.2 changes

Interesting changes:

  • apt-key and trusted.gpg are slated for deprecation. Users should move on to trusted.gpg.d instead. Our guides need to be updated to reflect that. @torjunkie please feel free to look at it when you have time.

  • There’s discussion about moving from GPG entirely for apt…

New features

  • Various patterns related to dependencies, such as ?depends are now available (2.1.16)
  • The Protected field is now supported. It replaces the previous Important field and is like Essential, but only for installed packages (some minor more differences maybe in terms of ordering the installs).
  • The update command has gained an --error-on=any option that makes it error out on any failure, not just what it considers persistent ons.
  • The rred method can now be used as a standalone program to merge pdiff files
  • APT now implements phased updates. Phasing is used in Ubuntu to slow down and control the roll out of updates in the -updates pocket, but has previously only been available to desktop users using update-manager.

Phased updates is an interesting one as it supports gradually rolling out a new update to a subset of users, in case it has regressions so everybody isn’t affected at once while giving it some testing.


Awesome! Answered here:

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