Apple Mouse&Keyboard disconnection when using Whonix

I started up Whonix after a while for some Tor activity, and I noticed this problem for the 100th time! So I decided to send a report of it here so hopefully we can fix it by the time I have more time when I want to focus on the last networking related problem I have (Patrick knows)

I’ve had this problem since the first time I started using Whonix. Even though at first it was hosted on my Ubuntu which I am not using anymore since I installed a new Linux distro, so this answers and disapproves your possible guess that this might be a host-OS problem…

I use an Apple magic mouse and a Apple wireless keyboard (not the latest version of the keyboard, it kinda looks like the new one and isn’t those old timy ones) Of course both of them are wireless. Note that my system is NOT an Apple device, I just use the mouse and keyboard for a reason which I can’t say in public, not important though.
The problem is that every time I use Whonix, the mouse and keyboard start disconnecting and I reconnect them manually. and they just keep disconnecting once a few minutes (like every ~5 min)
If any more details about the problem is needed ask me and I’ll send them.

Btw, I remembered this theory that I had before, when I was typing a part of this post, I’m gonna post it in a new topic since it’s not really related to this one. It’s privacy related.


There is nothing in Whonix source code that does something related to keyboard let alone apple keyboard. Likely the same issue would happen on Debian buster inside VirtualBox (assuming this to be the virtualizer you’re using). Whonix 15 is based on Debian buster. This is looks like a rather rare combination. Therefore it is unlikely it will be solved here. The only realistic way forward to solve this that I can see right now would be reproducing this issue on Debian buster and then trying to solve it as per:

Free Support for Whonix ™

Ubuntu is based on Debian.
Could be a Debian (based) + VirtualBox + Debian buster issue.

Never mind Patrick because the problem magically disappeared as I mentioned in the spying topic!

I know.

So if the problem presents itself again, even though it might not be software related (cue spying…) at all, maybe I should report this to Debian? I probably won’t but just wanna know what you think.

replied here:
Is it possible for corps to spy on users using hidden hardware or something like that... - #5 by Patrick

Remove one layer of complexity, and distractions: Whonix
Reproduce on Debian.
Report to whoever responsible (potential candidates: Linux kernel, Debian, Apple, VirtualBox (only this is happening in VM only)).