Appending a proxy to your tor connection?

Almost all IRC channels (I can’t even connect to the whonix channel), and quite a few websites that I frequent, unfortunately block tor exit nodes due to spam (I presume). With websites you can use those proxies that let you connect directly from their website, without configuring your own browser, such as This works reasonably well.

But I’m at a loss when it comes to IRC and other such programs. I’ve done a lot of searching, and found no way to attach a proxy to my IRC connection. I’m a newbie, but I assume that editing your IRC client’s network settings to connect to a proxy would simply result in it connecting directly to the proxy, outside of tor.

Has anyone found a way to deal with this?

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has been explained here, is easily done with proxychains: Connecting to Tor before a Proxy

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A proxy might not be a big help, because often those are blocked by the
IRC networks also if the IRC network is blocking Tor.