Anyone try tethering to rooted Android running Orbot?

With root access to Android device, Orbot allows you to “Torify” all traffic. Has anyone tried this, whilst tethering the device to their laptop or desktop? I haven’t rooted my S7, otherwise I’d try it myself. I run Private Internet Access at all times, though, and I’m anticipating that plus Orbot simultaneously would make for some painfully poor connection speeds.

Taking this concept a step further, would it pose a “Tor over Tor” issue if I tethered a device configured as described above to a computer running a Whonix VM? I’m sure that’d be unbearably slow, but I’m just curious if it’s otherwise problematic.


Why doesn’t it cause a similar dilemma when I activate Tor from the terminal on my host machine, whilst using Whonix? I recognize the difference in terms of hardware, but I don’t understand how the end result isn’t effectively the same.

That is explained here in Tor Browser and Prevent Tor over Tor Scenarios