Any RDP work over whonix ?

hi , Any RDP work over whonix ?

Hi Terrible

We have a wiki page dedicated to Remote Admin.

While the Whonix Wiki is is a good place to start a search for topics, the forum search engine (top right hand corner of your screen) is also a good place to search if you’re not sure where to look.

Search results for 'RDP' - Whonix Forum


i don’t understand this Remmina but i can administration any OS on Whonix by remmina software ?


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thank you

sorry one question , the RDP must support tor to work over Whonix ?

Hi Terrible

If you run a RDP with Whonix you will be using Tor network for Remote Admin. Whonix can torify most applications so this should not be an issue.

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because i will buy rdp and the rpd not allow tor exit nodes but i’m not sure yet will work without problem as you said .

Hi Terrible

If the RDP does not allow Tor exit relays then it will likely be an issue. Unless your remote desktop is Onion Service.

Be sure to read wiki Money.