Any games over Tor using Whonix as game server?

I’m thinking about running some kind of game server over Tor. Since games usually require UDP I know they wont work on the whonix workstation but I think some really simple games should work. Like chess or a multiplayer text adventure. Don’t think this has been attempted or done before so maybe I can contribute in this area

Edit: I’m looking into chess servers but it seems FICS makes nobody want to run their own. I’ll see if I can instead of hosting my own play there instead. Would be fun though to run a chess server from an .onion

I will look into this code https://github.com/Milek7/telnet-games some day. Not really a chess server but I’ll check out what its about. Checked it out, found no straightforward way to install it.

This is https://github.com/ivailozd/TicTacToe and I’m gonna check it out. The 3 .java files are considered “Perl5 modules”. I may try this some day if I realize how to do run it

When thinking about playable games like nethack https://nethackwiki.com/wiki/Public_server http://nethack3dzllmbmo.onion is mentioned

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