Anonymous Online With Kali linux + Whonix Gateway + VirtualBox


If your machine connects to a Tor entry guard, then your ISP can assume that you are using Tor.


So would using a VPN on the host make it not visible to my ISP that Im using TOR?


Hiding Tor is rather complicated (never use not a VPN; fail closed mechanism; initially learning about and downloading Tor; adversary skills in translating VPN website fingerprinting skills to detecting other classes of traffic, …). So there cannot be a yes/no answer. Details here:

(It’s Tor, not TOR.)


Everything is working fine except I cant install TOR on kali anymore and when I try to run the command to update kali it wont work. any help I would appreciate.

Thanks guys


why want to install tor inside kali if all of ur traffic going through whonix-gw ?


Why not? It’s not considered a “Tor over Tor” scenario to use Tor Browser within Workstation, and @BolBol is effectively just substituting Kali in place of Workstation. It only seems logical, then, that he’d still use Tor Browser within Kali, even though Gateway is directing traffic. Right?



To clarify, this will not result in a Tor over Tor scenario when using Tor Browser. Whonix has a mechanism to disable Tor stacking.


true, but he said “Tor” not “Tor Browser”.

and i think he cant install Tor because there is no connection inside his kali for whatever reason which is impossible to know without investigation.

Note:- Tor Browser cant be install inside kali except if u change kali from root to user.


I’m still learning some of the finer points of Filesystem Hierarchy Standards and whatnot, so excuse me if this is a dumb question, but is there ever a scenario in which you wouldn’t install a program like Tor Browser as a non-root user? My understanding was that for any program you don’t want system-wide, you invariably want to install in /opt as a standard user.

My apologies ahead of time if that’s incorrect, I don’t mean to misinform anyone.


not sure if i get ur question, any how TBB must be installed as user privilege only. so u either change kali default root to user, or u change the execution of TBB from user to root. thats how u make TBB works inside kali linux.