anon-meta-packages changes

For Whonix 14. Some cleanup / improvements.


  • general cleanup, remove some dependencies that are done by individual packages already
  • avoid installation of packages not useful to have in Qubes-Whonix

Has a chance to introduce regressions, though. We can minimize those by keeping a package list of a new Whonix 13 installation. (dpkg -l > old_list.txt) And then comparing after upgrading the package and running sudo apt-get autoremove, to see which packages are really gone.



The github diff viewer does not look so great. But even if you just read the commit messages, you get an idea what is going on and can intervene if you think something got wrong.

Helpful to follow these changes (replace menu with other package names):

apt-cache show menu

apt-file -F list menu

Not sure it is useful to keep anon-shared-packages-recommended dependency on menu.


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