Anon-Connection-Wizard (ACW) autostarst after Qubes Upgrade (Whonix 14)

This issue happened after Qubes latest upgrades (yes not maybe directly to the issue , but it just happened after that)

When i run Whonix-GW it will show this page immediately:


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Can’t reproduce.

No changes related to that for a long time on the Whonix side.

This happened to me when I configured sys-whonix set to whonix-ws template or anon-whonix set to whonix-gw during testing as a mistake during development on my local machine. But whonixcheck would spot that misconfiguration.

Any whonixcheck errors?

sys-whonix or whonix-ws-14 TemplateVM?

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Note: Another upgrade to Qubes kernel came up , now the error stopped popping. I dunno if there is anything related at all, but for now this issue didnt came again. once it will come again i will mention that here.

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