Annoying warning opening link outside Tor Browser

I kept receive warnings like this while opening a link outside Tor Browser. I understand the risk but I need to do such action thousand of times every day. Is there anyway to disable such warning. I suggest to put a checkbox on the notification to allow user to disable the warning for 72 hours or permanently.

The following file will be opened in janondisttorbrowser.desktop.
Be careful if janondisttorbrowser.desktop is already running as your activities might get linked.

Not currently, I tested.

There needs to be an option open_link_confirmation_skip on

just like there is for tb-starter.

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My bad, already done.

$ sudo mkdir /usr/local/etc/open_link_confirm.d
$ echo "link_confirmation_for_links=0" | tee -a /usr/local/etc/open_link_confirm.d/50_user.conf

There is also the option for ifles, see link above.

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