Anbox over Tor for host OS

Sorry if whonix is wrong forum to post this.

I have to use Android on PC wrapped in torsocks. What type of data “leak” I can expect, if there is any? Somewhere I learned torsocks can fail torification, your program makes several threads and they wont be torified. Can I mitigate this with:

# The second form allows for torsocks(8) to be switched on and off for a
# session (that is, it adds and removes torsocks from the LD_PRELOAD environment
# variable). This form must be _sourced_ into the user's existing session
# (and will only work with bourne shell users):
# . /usr/bin/torsocks on
# telnet wwwfooorg 
# . /usr/bin/torsocks off
# Or
# source /usr/bin/torsocks on
# telnet wwwfooorg
# source /usr/bin/torsocks off

The only potential problem I see is:

   Torsocks uses ELF dynamic loader features to intercept dynamic function calls from programs in which it is embedded. As  a  result,  non-ELF
   executables, or executables that make system calls directly with the system call trap (int 0x80) are not supported.

I don’t know if Anbox devs used pure assembly language. Anbox github page shows it doesnt have assembly snippets.

I’m nobody, but I am not quite sure I understand what role Whonix plays in your specific scenario? As torsocks is distributed by the torproject, I guess you’d be better off asking this kind of questions somewhere related to them or tor in particular: e.g. tor stackexchange

Do you, thought? Have you tried running Anbox in a Whonix workstation? Sounds like the better solution to me.

Sorry if I misunderstood something and have a nice day.


Anbox GUI is too slugish in VM unfortunately

I chose Whonix forum exactly 'cause I believed it has greater in number community

If it doesn’t involve Whonix then we can’t really help you. Please ask Tor how to use torsocks.

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That doesn’t really work that way. Since a very long time as a policy everything that is best discussed elsewhere or with upstream is redirected there. As per:
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