An amnesic Whonix

What would you do to get as close as possible to Tails’ amnesic feature, but in Whonix, used inside VirtualBox?

My first thought is to save all data I need in an external, encrypted USB, and then either:

  • Restore the initial VMs snapshots daily, for both Whonix workstation and gateway
  • Use Whonix live, as in Live Mode for Kicksecure ™ - Kicksecure - I understand this is only available in Whonix 14, which isn’t considered stable yet?

And a stupid question: where can you see the currently installed Whonix version? whonixcheck does not show it.

Thanks in advance and sorry about the noob questions.

Using snapshots is good idea. However, I don’t thing this method would be considered amnesic since data is written to Virtual HDD not VRAM like Whonix live mode

I would not use this method if an amnesic feature is requried.

In lieu of the above method, I would wait for Whonix 14 (Whonix live mode)

There is another option :slight_smile:

If the apt sources.list show that you’re pulling from the jessie repo, its Whonix 13. If it shows stretch repo, its Whonix 14

cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list

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The Whonix Live package in Whonix 14 does not do too much. I guess you could just install it as well on Whonix 13, just make a snapshot before installation. Or follow the steps here: ⚓ T714 Whonix live mode / grub-live if you want to do it manually. Whonix 14 is not out yet but you can still download it. Just because it is a dev/testers version doesn’t mean it is broken (could still happen though). If you encounter any issues please report them.