Am I Doing It Right?

Im new to VB and Whonix system so i need to check if im doing it right.

Turn computer on> Start my VPN > Start Whonix Gateway> Start Whonix Workstation> Surf “anonymously” on the workstation.

When im finished

Shutdown whonix> Continue surfing like normal but VPN still on.

Is it right or should i change something?

Also, is countermail safe and how do i get it to work on Whonix?
Do i need to disable anything els before i start the VB?
What happens if i accidentaly opens IE besides the VirtualBox?

Thank you

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No, everything fine, don’t see any potential issues arrise.

Hard to tell, as a lot of “security conscious” email providers turned out to be rather bad actually, riseup is one of the only rather recommendable mail services.

Unless they use some proprietary technology (in which case avoid them) like any other mail provider, as explained here: Email Overview


Regard this: Tips on Remaining Anonymous.

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Thank you for the answer.

Regarding Countermail. It uses Java, but even if i allow java on the site it wont work.
Anyone knows the problem?

Also about not shutting down anything before i start VB. Dont i have any programs running in the background that uses internet that can confuse?

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Sorry, but any provider how necessitates the use of Java is no good provider. I’d recommend using another one.

The problem here is only the user. Anything running in the background automatically can’t leak, as these are seperated by software.

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For any PGP-based Webmail provider, just ask:

  1. Does website need to access my GPG Private Key?
  2. Is the code open-source so I can see what they’re doing with my Private Key?
  3. What precautions are in place so code is not maliciously or intentionally altered?

If you’d rather not blindly trust random people with your Private Key, you can use non-encrypted mail providers and do the PGP encryption yourself using:

  1. Icedove + Enigmail
  2. Webmail + manual PGP encryption (ie KGpg Editor, GEdit Plugin)