Am I being attacked? Gateway just stopped working completely

Like title says. I used Whonix a little while ago and it was working fine. I just came back home, started my computer and now I cannot get gateway to work. It gets stuck on the booting screen and doesn’t proceed any further.

The thing that confuses me is, it was working completely fine earlier today. I did not make any changes at all and no one has been near my computer. Here is what the screen looks like when it doesn’t move any further:

Can anyone help and explain what is happening?

Am I being attacked?

Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ

Disk corruption. Can perhaps be sorted out as per Free Support for Whonix ™ or probably easier, start with a new gateway.

Thanks for the reply. But that is my question, how do I just out of nowhere have disk corruption? I was using Whonix just fine this morning. I left for a little and came back and had this disk corruption. I did not shut down the computer and there was no power outage, I did not download any new files, I did not open the Whonix Konsole and make any changes.

Just so weird it happens out of nowhere. I am not a computer guy but this feels to me like some guy having a heart attack out of nowhere despite having a healthy heart and perfect health.

Software is not perfect. Shit happens sometimes thats why you should have taken a snapshot of your VM in a working state.

If someone attacked you they would be smart enough to not leave traces.