Alpine Linux distribution

What can you say about this distro for hosting linux? it is made with an emphasis on safety, as the developers say.

Since you are not following the advice we give, do as you wish. However don’t expect people to research for you every distro X you come across.

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I install Debian already 3 days , and constantly challenges. I have a weak compute , I’m looking for the most simple distribution cuz i will use VMs.

you dont know any more appropriate distribution ? Only Debian ?

You are almost done. Don’t give up on Debian now. Feel free to ask more questions that can help someone else.

Okay man. tnx. i will try again hope the last time

well xaos, when they develop whonix, they must base it on some linux that is updated by many developers. Alpine has its own software package and possibly you could not install all you can with Debian. I believe that Debian is the best choice,

and you should know: there is and minimal debian, debian still works on old machines, you don’t need to install full debian, you can install a lightweight web server, etc.

yea agree man! i allready install debian whith xfce4. it works pretty fast

i cant install wifi drivers :/// all day i reading forums but cant . can u help?

Did you try with the non-free images I showed?


Also how recent is your hardware?

did i need reinstall?

i trying to do like in manual

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Please try this: http://joefleming.net/posts/atheros-ar8131-and-linux/

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did i need reinstall?

In most cases on Linux there is no need to reinstall. In this case I
doubt that is useful.

its now worked when i reload computer. some crazy thing. maybe its cuz i install some nonfree packages :confused: anyway its good tnx all

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