Adrelanos is a NOOB that will screw you all


Moderator comment:
Please don’t mix up various topics in one thread. Please use existing (if any) or create new forum topics for unrelated questions.


[quote=“andrenoob, post:4, topic:477”]https://www.whonix.org/forum/index.php/topic,324.0.html lol, he can´t know why all his host ports are open rofl.
answer: vbox NAT.[/quote]

this is where your true colors really show through. “nat” is not the reason for the issue described in that thread.
produce some test parameters so others can do them and share the results. don’t talk silliness about how you used “etherape.” i have a hard time believing that someone who couldn’t figure out what was happening in the thread quoted above is any more gifted at monitoring packet activity.