Add Wasabi Bitcoin wallet


ID: 1000
PHID: PHID-TASK-hjx5lt77z4ajsj6w4liz
Author: ratpoison4
Status at Migration Time: invalid
Priority at Migration Time: Needs Triage


[[ | Wasabi Wallet ]] is lite wallet focused on privacy. It has coin join function allowing to mix coins with other users of the Wallet. It uses Tor by default to anonymize the user. It uses BIP-157 block filters to protect user’s list of addresses. In Electrum servers see the list of user’s addresses, so if one address is deanonymized, the whole wallet is. In wasabi you see if a coin was mixed (anonymized) and who may know about your ownership of it.

I think the Wallet is worth being added to Whonix workstation and also to Whonix documentation to this section: Bitcoin - Whonix as it is a non-custodial and cheap way of mixing better in my opinion than washing through exchanges and/or Monero.



2020-08-31 10:38:35 UTC

Nowadays using forums as issue tracker.

This ticket is not going to happen due to legal reasons. Reference: