Add delay time for bootstrapping process with Bridges, in Gateway

Hi, I use bridges for obfs3 bridges for Tor Browser Bundle, because usual bridges don’t work here.
But when I make Whonix use them, Whonix bootstrapping gets stuck at some percentage and keeps stuck at that percentage without continuously trying. I have slow internet connection, but TBB has some “waiting” delay time (I think) until bootstrap complete even with slow obfs3 bridges. Can you please tell me a way to make Whonix gateway do the same? Thanks.

whonixcheck waits up to 60 seconds.

It is currently only be changed by editing the code.


Whonix 8:

Whonix 9

It would be trivial to make this configurable by /etc/whonix.d. Or if useful the timeout can be increased. But are you sure it’s a timeout problem?

Can you start whonixcheck in terminal please and post the log here?

And you can always restart whonixcheck. Should the bridge be connected by then, it will detect that.

The timeout whonixcheck has is just one for checking what’s up. The timeout doesn’t prevent you from connecting or something like that. If you want so, what whonixcheck says doesn’t matter. It has been created a a helper, for diagnose, for advice, for debugging, for usability.

Also check Tor’s log /var/log/tor/log.