Acknowledging Authorship

I’m torn over the issue of whether to include my real identity in the sort of software that we discuss here, such as a Phantom client.

I’m a very private person, but the future of the software product is very important.

I feel that a software product’s future is best assured by having real people attached to it. Consider what happened to Truecrypt, developed by a secret team: who knows if they were gotten at, as an explanation of the somewhat bizarre end to the product’s career.

Tor is on firmer ground, but still there is the legitimate concern over how it arose in the first place, as a US government project.

Bitcoin? Well, the authorship of the original paper was pseudonymous; that is, the protocol and a demonstration program. Like Tor, it is used widely but one wonders if someday it turns out to be a trap because its author knew something that he never let on about.

The whole question gives me a headache, when I’d rather be thinking about technical matters.

Somehow this sounds like what I could have written a while ago.