Accidentally ran /usr/bin/torbrowser in whonix-ws-16

I accidentally ran /usr/bin/torbrowser in whonix-ws-16. Obviously it is not safe to run Tor Browser in the template but I am wondering if I have done any damage by executing this script. The script seems to check if it is a TemplateVM and exits if it is, but the script also does some other things before that and I am not proficient enough to ensure that everything it has done is safe.

Can somebody assure me that I don’t need to reinstall the template?

No problem.

The check is there to abort early enough. Otherwise, if that wouldn’t be the case, there would be a stronger error message. And that would actually be a very fragile design.

Even if it wouldn’t abort, running Tor Browser inside Template wouldn’t be totally catastrophic. Putting it into context, non-Qubes users are doing that by default on every use. Even if Tor Browser was starting in Template, the threat model for the damage that could happen is very limited since it couldn’t connect to the internet.

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